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World's highest High Voltage Resistors. Non-Inductive !

Nicrom Electronic introduces the world's highest Non-Inductive High Voltage Resistors. The new Serie 1000 is now available in 3 versions with Voltage Ratings of 200 kV, 300 kV and 400 kV in air.

Nicrom's superior Thick Film Technology allows Tolerances to 0.05%, Temperature Coefficients better than 10 ppm/degC, Voltage Coefficients lower than 0.003 ppm/V and Stability of less than 0.1-0.2 % after 1000 hours at rated power (up to 300 Watts in air).

Although the Quality and the Performances are absolutely Higher than competitors' equivalent models, our prices are extremely competitive, typical less than 150.00 US$ each (for 100 pcs, 1%, 50 ppm/degC).

Industry's highest Power TO-126, TO220 and TO247.

Nicrom Electronic is the world first manufacturer of Power Resistors on Steel Carrier with Power Ratings up to 120 Watts. This new technology has been developped by Nicrom in 1996 and first introduced on the market in 1998 with enormous success.

Nicrom's unique technology and design allow higher wattage rating than the typical wattage ratings found in similar package sizes. Serie TO-XXX's wattage ratings are 2 to 3 times higher, up to 60 Watts in a TO-220 package, when typical is 20-30 Watts.

Prices are extremely low, especially considering the higher power ratings. At the 1000 piece level and 1% tolerance prices are less than 0.90 US$ for the TO-126 (30 Watts), less than 1.00 US$ for TO-220 (60 Watts) and less than 1.60 US$ for TO-247 (120 Watts).


  • Soon available Serie N776 Precision Decade Resistor Voltage Divider. Precisions up to 0.01% Ratio Tolerance and very low Ratio Temperature Coefficients up to 5 ppm/C. Standard values 9M/900K/90K/9K/900 or 9M/900K/90K/9K/1K or 10M/1.1111M/101.01K/10.01K/1.0001K. Different configurations available. For more informations contact info@nicrom-electronic.com

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