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Products Overview

Standard Resistor Products
  High Voltage SMD Chip Resistors
    Serie HVC, SMD High Voltage Chip Resistors to 3000 Volts
  High Voltage Resistors - Non Inductive
    Serie 90/100/200 (0.5W ... 3.5W / 4kV ... 30kV)
    Serie 400 Cylindrical (3.8W ... 20W / 15kV ... 90kV)
    Serie 400 MX Cylindrical (3.8W ... 20W / 15kV ... 90kV)
    Serie HVD High Voltage Resistors up to 200 kV
  High Voltage Dividers
    Serie 300 Voltage Dividers (0.5W ... 3.5W / 12kV ... 40kV)
    Serie XHVD High Voltage Dividers up to 200 kV
  Power High Voltage Resistors - Non Inductive
    Serie 500 Cylindrical (15W ...110W / 40kV ... 160 kV)
  Power High Voltage Dividers - Non Inductive
    Serie 600 Cylindrical (15W ...75W / 70kV ... 120 kV)
  Ultra High Voltage Resistors - Non Inductive NEW
    Serie 1000 Cylindrical - 400 kV
  Power Resistors - Non Inductive NEW
    TO-126, TO-220 and TO-247 Power Resistors on Steel
      Carrier, up to 30W, 60W and 120W (with Heat Sink)
    Serie TP, Steel Carrier Planar High Power Resistors
      100 Watts without Heat Sink , Non - Inductive
  Precision / Power Resistors
    Serie N685 Low TC and Precision Film Resistors
  Standard Resistor Networks
    Serie N776 Precision Decade Resistor Voltage Dividers
  Surge Resistors
    Serie NI03 Surge Protection Power Resistors
Custom and Special Products
  Custom Resistor Networks
  Special SMD Resistors
  Hybrid Circuits
  Electrostatic Applications

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