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Nicrom Electronic was founded in 1993 by engineers with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Thick Film and Thin Film technology. Our purpose is to design and produce High Performance Resistor Products for special and custom applications like High Voltage, High Power, High Precision and Low TC Resistors where our experience plays a leading role.

The development of our products begins with a careful selection and tests of the materials to guarantee a conservative produceability of high performance and quality. Special designs and process technologies allow to reach performances that can't be reached in any other way and provide technical solutions for our most exacting customers.

Our factory is placed in the south of Switzerland, an area with low hills and rolling countryside 25 km away from the airport of Lugano-Agno. An ideal location to take advantages of the economical and political stability of the Switzerland.

Since the foundation Nicrom Electronic has deepened its knowledges in the fields of Ultra-High Voltage Resistors and Dividers (up to 200 kV) and Power Resistors on Steel Carrier for Automotive industry. Million Resistors have been succesfully produced during the last six years and our products are shipped daily all over the world.

Application fields : Automotive, High-Voltage Power Supply, Medical Applications (HV-Resistors for X-Ray systems), Measurement Circuits, Electrostatic Application,...

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